Uriel Technologies is a Manufacturer of WiFi and Point to Point Microwave Equipment in the Field of Unlicensed and Licensed Frequencies.

We design, develop and deploy solutions for point to point and point to multipoint applications for network operators.

Our equipments and solutions enable networks in providing services which involve 3G offload, WiFi roaming, billing system solutions, broadband data, city wide data, rural cost effective data deployments and total data solutions for better network operation.

Urielís microwave radio solution for point to point and point to multipoint has high efficiency in the last mile and backhaul transmission deployments.

We build, operate and transfer sustainable data networks around the world.

We also build, operate and maintain networks where necessary.

Our research and development (R&D) section for our Point to Multi Point and Point to Point solutions sits in Riga, Latvia (Europe Union) known for its technological development base in East Europe.

We have a very simple method of approach to success. Look at things from a simple perspective. Solve the problems and make the network/operator generate sustainable revenue.

We do what other vendors fail to do; we build with simple technology, operate network for growth and maintain a sustainable profit generating data network.

We build/ rollout green field operators; we transform distressed networks to become profitable and increase profitability of viable networks reusing their existing infrastructure and complementing it with simple technologies and solutions.

We go the extra mile.